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10 Fan Pier Lobby Receives Multiple Awards at IESNA 2022 Illumination Awards, at the Boston Section Gala

Congratulations to Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting, designer of 10 Fan Pier Lobby, for receiving the following awards at the 2022 IES Boston Illumination Awards:

2022 IES Boston & Rhode Island Lighthouse Award
2022 IES Section Award of Merit, Interiors
2022 IES Section Award of Merit, Controls

This project is a stunning display of tunable white lighting and gobos. Over 75 ETC ColorSource lighting fixtures are mounted on over 600' of ETC DataTrack and ETC DataTrack Backbone to provide a simulated day cycle. An ETC Paradigm Processor is provided for user Touchscreen and timeclock control triggers, with lighting scenes and timed transitions programmed via an ETC Remote Processor Unit. Lighting fixtures were connected to the system with ETC Network and Distribution devices. The lighting control system provides the day cycle's long fade times of theatrical fixtures, the on demand task illumination provided by the architectural cylinders, and the fine adjustments of the essential illumination from interior plant grow lights, as well as the emergency egress lighting overrides.

As stated on Sladen Feinstein's web-site:

This dynamic and thematic two story, 5,000SF lobby for a national life insurance company's new Boston headquarters was inspired by the organization's bucolic Western Mass roots. The design evokes a "Forest In The City", recreating a naturalistic experience of ever changing lighting conditions of color and intensity and replicating the sun's daily position in a heavily developed urban center. Multiple systems of lighting involving more than 75 theatrical fixtures were placed at various angles and orientations to replicate the sun's movement from morning until sunset. After sunset, the lobby transforms into a magical moonlit garden.

Lighting Designer: Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting

Architect: Elkus Manfredi Architects

Photography: © Copyright Raj Das Photography


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