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Our Manufacturers

  • Academy Light
  • Agabekov
  • Aquarii
  • Archier
  • Auroralight
  • Backlight
  • B Light
  • BL Lighting
  • ETC - Architectural
  • ETC - Entertainment
  • ETC - Rigging
  • High End Systems
  • LedNer
  • Lighting Group Network
  • Loupi Lighting
  • Lycian
  • One A
  • Rosco Laboratories
  • SGM Lighting
  • TMB Architectural
  • Toggled
  • Vanilla Lighting

Academy Light

Portrait Lighting

Location: New England

Enhance portraits with professional-grade lighting with Academy Light's portrait lighting.


Interior and Exterior Architectural

Location: New England

Indoor and outdoor lighting to elevate and transform the ambiance of any space with Agabekov's exquisite lighting.


House Lighting

Location: MA/RI

Specialists in LED down lighting for theaters and places of assembly. Aquarii finds ways to provide effective solutions to aging lighting systems by implementing innovative LED fixture technologies.



Location: New England

Linear brass luminaires with high quality LED technology.


Landscape Lighting

Location: MA & RI

Precision machined, estate quality landscape lighting made in Southern California.


Custom Indoor and Outdoor

Location: New England

Customizable, made-to-measure and made-to-order illuminated panel and luminous shapes.

B Light

Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Luminaires

Location: New England

Interior and exterior high quality lighting for commercial and architectural needs.

BL Lighting

Interior and Exterior Custom Architectural Luminaires

Location: New England

Since 1986, BL Lighting has specialized in the manufacturing of Optical Fiber for lighting applications, and bespoke LED systems. No matter the application, they have a solution.

ETC - Architectural

Architectual Lighting and Control

Location: MA/RI

Specification-grade Lighting and Control systems scalable from a single switch to a facility wide network.

ETC - Entertainment

Entertainment Lighting and Control

Location: MA/RI

Lighting Fixtures, Power and Control Systems for Stage, Studio and Special Event Performance.

ETC - Rigging


Location: MA/RI

ETC’s motorized hoists and hoist-control systems raise your theater technology, including stage curtains, lighting equipment, backdrops, projection screens and more.

High End Systems

Entertainment Lighting Fixtures and Control

Location: MA & RI

Automated Lighting and Media Control for any show, any scale, any venue.


Indoor Architectural Luminaires and Lamps

Location: New England

Our teams manufacture unique products and design exceptional lighting. We are constantly looking for innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Lighting Group Network

European Luminaires

Location: New England

Lighting Group Network is the premier importer of European lighting products.

Loupi Lighting

Indoor Architectural and Track Luminaires

Location: New England

Loupi invents distinctive, high-quality lighting ranges for the luxury goods, architecture, museum, and gallery sectors.



Location: MA/RI

Leader in stage, arena, and touring followspots.

One A

Indoor Residential and Architectural Luminaires

Location: New England

One A is here to create the perfect merge of minimalist design aesthetics and smart technology to bring visual harmony to your home.

Rosco Laboratories


Location: MA/RI/NH/VT/ME

An innovator of lighting products and LED lighting fixtures relied on by the architectural and entertainment industries worldwide.

SGM Lighting

Cutting Edge LED Lighting

Location: New England

Cutting edge LED Lighting for all operating environments.

TMB Architectural

Architectural lighting solutions

Location: New England

TMB offers innovative products and reliable service to Architectural Lighting and Entertainment Production professionals worldwide.


LED lighting and network building controls

Location: New England

Network lighting and building control product line that creates unique, scalable solutions in lighting control, HVAC, remote sensors, and more via the internet of things (IoT).

Vanilla Lighting

Location: New England

High quality lighting selected by experts, streamlined to fit within your budget.